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Pivotal Performance Program

Evidence-based strategies to optimize your performance and unleash your greatest ability

Let's talk about performance...

Here's the thing- we are always performing. What I help you do is optimize how you performI use my background in psychology, training in different evidence-based modalities, and my experience as a former Division 1 athlete and Summa Cum Laude college graduate to support you in achieving your highest level of performance to change your life. 

For Athletes:

This was the inspiration for the creation of my signature Pivotal Performance Program. My passion is working with high performing athletes to help them break through barriers and accomplish their desired goals while not sacrificing their mental health or well-being. There is so much emphasis on the physical, but not as much support on the mentality component. What I have found is that when you pair a strong mentality with physical ability, performance goes far beyond what you initially thought it could be. With the pressures, expectations, and performance anxiety that comes along with being an athlete, I help you not only navigate this, but find ways to create a mentality that will bring your performance and ability to its highest potential.

For Professionals:

Ever wonder what it would be like to walk into a room feeling confident and knowing that your presence demands respect and attention? Wonder what it would feel like to do away with "Sunday scaries" and feel fulfilled in what you do? This is exactly what you will accomplish in my Pivotal Performance for Professionals. I help professionals break through negative, self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, burnout, and low-motivation. Level up in how you show up to create a new reality in your business or workplace. Feel better than ever and accomplish what you never knew was possible.


Others who can benefit:

As I mentioned, we are always performing. We perform in our relationships, communication, interactions, physicality, cognitive ability, and the list goes on. If you are someone who is simply wanting to improve in how you show up and enhance your well-being, you could absolutely benefit from this program. I will help you achieve success as you define it and create your life worth living. 

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