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Can be booked for a team or an individual. This 60 or 90 minute session is going to give you specific takeaways and mindset hacks to start optimizing your mentality and your performance. This time is packed full of information that you can take with you and start applying immediately! These basic yet essential tools will get you ready to go!


Mia's signature Pivotal Performance Gold Standard team program is available both virtually and in person (dependent upon location and agreements) to provide your team with a truly unique opportunity to enhance their mental health while optimizing their performance as individuals and as a team. This program follows the team throughout their season, providing performance assessments and weekly sessions to support the teams and coaches in meeting their goals. This proactive, evidence-based approach has been proven to be the game changer in team success. 


If you are looking for a customized, supportive, intimate, and collaborative program to nurture incredible growth, this program is truly your gold standard. You will be supported by Mia in weekly one-on-one virtual meetings over the course of 12 weeks (12 sessions). You will have access to performance assessments to build insight towards strengths and areas to strengthen, be guided in creating clear goals to enhance your experience and success, and have a supportive and nurturing space to process and build a deeper relationship with yourself not only as an athlete, but as a whole person. Mia's program is truly unique in its both proactive and problem solving approach. 


Mia has appeared on multiple panels and has presented as a guest speaker at universities and other prestigious events. If you are interested in hosting a conversation or information session about mental health in elite athletes, this is for you!

What Our Clients Say

“I was blown away by the 90 minutes spent with Mia and what I walked away with.
Mia isn’t just experienced + brilliant, she’s highly effective and results focused.
She has a super power tool kit for mind performance + mental health from her days as a D1 athlete + almost 10 years as a therapist and I’m so grateful having access to it!”

Rebecca Cafiero-female founder

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