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Meet Mia


Mia Zambarano is an award-winning, licensed mental health therapist who has committed her life’s work to supporting people experiencing intense pressure and high expectations to overcome anxiety and stress while optimizing their performance. As an entrepreneur, mother, and former Division 1 college athlete, she is no stranger to navigating pressure and has made it her mission to help other high-achievers do the same. 


After nearly a decade in the mental health world, she saw there was an unmet need in the field for people who were highly competitive and wanting to achieve more but did not have access to the crucial mental training to have them be sustainably successful and well. Mia realized that people who ask more of themselves and want to perform at the highest levels don't often give themselves the compatible mental support needed to thrive, while minimizing risk of burnout and other mental health struggles. Mia has found the formula in her signature POWER performance system to support elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and business professionals in enhancing their mental health, mentality, resilience, and performance. 


Mia is a co-founder of 4TA; 4 The Athletes (find out more at

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