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LE Vie Consulting & Psychotherapy

--Level Up--

Welcome to my private practice, LE Vie Consulting & Psychotherapy LLC.

Through this practice, I offer Mental Health services, Lifestyle Consultation, and Performance Coaching.

Mental Health services include individual, couples, and family psychotherapy sessions both in-person and virtual.

My signature Pivotal Performance Program is designed for individuals or teams looking to enhance their performance through optimizing their mentality. This is program is ideal for high performing athletes, business professionals, and those in the performing arts. 

Lifestyle Consultation is a service that benefits those that feel they will benefit from support, guidance, and accountability while pursuing their goals and desired change. 

If any of these services are of interest to you, contact me to schedule your free consultation.

Mia is a seasoned psychotherapist that not only offers traditional mental health services, but also offers unique coaching and consultation services to those looking to change their lives. Get excited to level up in your performance, your career, your well-being, and your life. Find out how to create an unbreakable mentality to optimize how you show up. Break through barriers and redefine your reality and ability through these evidence based strategies.

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