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After spending so much time working with children, I realized something. So many of them were presenting with low self-esteem, trouble interacting with other children, and negative thinking. Having this be so evident and prevalent, I knew I wanted to do something about it. I can only see so many clients, so I needed to find a way to reach a broader audience. 

Writing fun, engaging children's books filled with lessons on positive thinking, positive interactions, and building self-esteem was the answer! I am so excited to be putting out my first novel. There will be more to come along with books and articles addressing my experiences and tools to use to improve your life and the life of your child. 

                                       The Happy Calendar Book

Join Louie as he finds out fun and interesting ways to get excited for each day of the week! Getting up and ready for school can be tough, but not with these fun filled days to look forward to!

Each day can give us something to look forward to. Help your child or student learn about positive thinking and positive interaction in a fun and accessible way in order to get them approaching each day with a smile and a positive attitude. Read and apply!

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