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An MPowered Voice

As if being a therapist, life coach, and author wasn't enough, I just knew I needed to add speaking to my list of passions and missions. 

I had been presenting at a local high school to a creative writing class about my book, "The Happy Calendar Book". It quickly became more than just a presentation on my book. I found myself naturally shifting into an empowered mindset. I wasn't just telling these kids and teachers about what I did, I was encouraging them to take action on the things they are capable of, and understanding that the possibilities are endless. I shared my experience with taking action and not waiting for things to happen, and worked with them interactively to apply this to their own interests and passions. I talked about that sense of self, determination, and control, and the basic ways we can create such incredible changes and shifts. As one of my first speaking engagements, I had initially been nervous, but by the end I felt so energized and fueled by the interactions I was having with this special group. I knew I had to be doing more of this. So I went for it. And here we are; I've been featured on podcasts, and working on my online Labs, have been booked for webinars, school events, and am continuing to work on growing and building this adventure. 

It only feels right to grow by sharing my tools, experiences, and insights with a bigger audience who is hungry to take from it and turn it into something incredible. 

If you are interested in having me visit your school, place of work, or conference, go ahead and click the button below! Here are some links to check out!



This was my first podcast feature on The Healing Corner! 


This was my first speaking event at a local high school!

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