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Meet your Therapist and Performance Coach

Nice to meet you! I'm Mia Zambarano (formally Gardner), LCSW. I'm hoping we will get well acquainted soon so here's more about me. I am a licensed psychotherapist currently living in South Florida. I previously lived just outside of Boston and practiced there for numerous years before moving and continuing my practice in Florida. Originally from New Jersey, I made my way up to Boston while pursuing my Masters degree in Social Work at Boston University after completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Sacred Heart University.

I began by doing in-home family therapy, which I got my certificate in, and then moved on to outpatient therapy in schools, home based, office based, then became part of a small group private practice in Hanover Massachusetts. After some big life changes, my family and I decided to move to Florida where I worked in an intensive setting providing individual, group, and family services. I was part of an amazing team where we offered Partial Hospitalization Services, Intensive Outpatient services, and outpatient services. After more experience in this setting, I have decided to start my very own private practice.

I love working with people in empowering them to shift their thinking, perceptions, building self-esteem, and achieving the lives they truly want for themselves.

After furthering my journey in the therapy realm, I learned about Life Coaching and Lifestyle Consultation and added it to the services I provide. Why you ask? Because it is a great way to help people who are functioning but still need that extra support and guidance working towards reaching their full potential. Through this outlet, I work with people who know they deserve more and can have more but just aren't sure how or where to begin. 

My passion has now evolved into supporting athletes and professionals through my signature Pivotal Performance program. As a former Division 1 Athlete, I feel strongly about supporting this population in terms of managing and optimizing their mental health and mentality to enhance their performance and well-being.

Whether Therapy or Coaching is right for you, I am here for you. I am even here to help you decide which one is right for you!

You can also visit to get a better idea of the services I provide through my Private Practice. 

If all of this wasn't enough, I could not leave out my passion for writing! I published my first children's book years ago called, "The Happy Calendar Book" and have since been published in online magazines. I am currently working on my next book, "A Thirst To Thrive" and cannot wait to share it with you all. 

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